Unlock unity consciousness for a New Earth paradigm

Catherine is a Divine Scribe initiated into the Lineage of Thoth by Danielle Rama Hoffman. She is the founder of Divine Temple, a Sacred Space enabling you to access your Truth and Divinity in a deeply nourishing, committed, and transformative container.
In her partnership with Thoth, she has developed her Ascended Mastery as a Sacred Architect of Infinite Knowledge and Divine Love Magic. She desires to co-create the unlocking of your essential Multidimensional Original Soul Contract. So you can live your most aligned, impactful life. 

 She is devoted to awakening a new paradigm of Heaven on Earth. She wants to co-create these keys of unity Consciousness with you. These keys of the God/dess; Love, Harmony, Peace, Flow, Present Moment Living reside within you. She is on a path to Architect with you your Unique God/dess/ness. 


Catherine has a Post Graduate Diploma in Child Mental Health, Certification in Quantum Light, Training in Arcturian Healing, Aromatherapy, Spontaneity, and Psychodrama. Catherine loves the ocean, mountains, and forests. She has three grown children and continues to enjoy spending time in the presence of youth. 


Catherine OConnor

“ Catherine is a magical Sacred Architect. The energy she brings through with her light language and activations is of such h vibration; I feel somehow both more peaceful, expansive, and more of the Truth of myself just being in her presence. ”

Catherine OConnor

“ I am in deep gratitude for Catherine’s robust transmission. Through her voice, light language, and the energy she transmits, I am filled with a deep, soul-level remembering of Divine Love. It awakens the cells of my physical body and consciousness to many profoundly beautiful forgotten Truths. If you would like to connect to the Truth of who you are and how loved you are by the Divine, I HIGHLY recommend exploring Catherine’s offerings. ”

Catherine OConnor

“ The transmissions of Catherine are such a Divine gift. When she channels her light language, it nurtures your system and unlocks the potential that is ready to be revealed from the depth of your being. The Crystalline frequencies she transmits come from the stars. They connect you with your Star origin. It is such a gift and a blessing to work with Catherine, and I am so thankful she is sharing her gifts with the world. ”