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Divine Soul Evolution One on One Program

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Copy of Align to your Soul's deepest desires Actualize an aligned, prosperous-successful life

Divine Soul Evolution One on One Program

In the Divine Souls Evolution program, we will develop your soul's calling whilst deepening your connection to Source, so that you can calibrate your life to that which matters most to you. 

In our three months together we will:

  • Co-create with beings of light in light (including Thoth and Isis  - so you can activate all that is aligned for you to be, create and enjoy)
  • Deepen into your soul’s deepest desires (accessing and expressing your vision without feeling like this isn't You (bend time, complete lifetimes of fear, hiding out, silence, and more)
  • Ignite codes within you to strengthen your innate wisdoms and masteries (whilst remaining grounded in the three-dimensional Earth Star plane)
  • Co-create greater access to actualize your passions (whilst being well resourced)
  • Offer to the light anything that is no longer of service. (through all dimensions and realities, without taking lifetimes to do so)
  • Follow the energies to optimize all that is possible for you 
  • Jump paradigms (with ease, so you can live with a greater sense of internal Freedom. Love, Grace, Peace

If you are desiring to create your legacy life now and finding it hard to step into the seat of your soul’s life then my guides and I will show you how to do this by utilizing the most overlooked resource you starseeds have, your innate connection to Source. 

This journey is a spiritual journey towards internal and external wholeness; deepening your connection to Source and bringing you into a relationship with yourself as Divine. 

It is designed so you receive all that is yours to receive, jump paradigms and incarnate your deepest desires externally and internally, whilst being well resourced. 

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