We welcome you to enjoy the current month's frequencies and other complimentary transmissions and activations as you feel called and as often as you like . 

If you would like to learn more or integrate any of these transmissions further, book a complimentary call with Catherine here. 


This is a month of deep clearing, up-leveling, and transforming; step into 5th dimensional living to be your true authentic self. 

The Earth Star is anchoring in new templates to rebalance and bring energies into alignment, and frequencies brought forth are allowing you to do the same. 

In this transmission we assist you to incarnate more of who you authentically are, and embody more of your light as a Divine being. 


Gold Light Transmission

 We welcome you to receive the gold light frequency that is here to upgrade your system for 2023.

Through a bespoke stargate for each of you we download a gold light template that is unique for you. Activate codes within your system in this transmission to step into the new paradigm in the vibration of love and light. 

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