September 2023

September is a month of birth and rebirth. As we moved through the last month of clearings and upgrades, a lot has come to the surface and has been released. Now is the time to rebirth and receive the cosmic and Divine energies within yourself, the multiverse, and the Divine-verse. 

This month we are being invited to step more fully into our true being state as a cosmic Divine being in the frequencies of Christ Consciousness, the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and Sacred Union. 
Within these energies, the cosmic and Divine light has a very streamlined and optimal channel to flow through. 

Receive these energies of pure Source consciousness light and love to spark that internal flame within you and live from a place of Divine love. 


Gold Light Transmission

 We welcome you to receive the gold light frequency that is here to upgrade your system for 2023.

Through a bespoke stargate for each of you we download a gold light template that is unique for you. Activate codes within your system in this transmission to step into the new paradigm in the vibration of love and light. 

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