Catherine and the guides offer one-on-one channeled transmissions, Masterclasses, and Powerful Activations.

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Source Love Codes Program

Curate your Life & Embody Higher Spiritual Consciousness

Curate your one-of-a-kind visionary life by coming into a deeper relationship with your authentic self, and accessing your cosmic and Divine origins.

Schedule a complimentary call to find out more and we will send you the first complimentary activation, Inner Sanctuary of the Heart, (value $200) to get you going.

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Divine Soul Evolution Program

Desiring to create your legacy life and finding it hard to step into the seat of your soul’s life? My guides and I will show you how to do this by utilizing the most overlooked resource you starseeds have, your innate connection to Source. Co-create with beings of light in light to deepen into your soul’s deepest desires. 

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Desiring Alignment and Clarity?

Receive just that in this twenty-minute transmission, with spiritually-aligned frequencies and information so you can move forward in one area of your life; either an internal state of being or an external expression of you.

$97 Twenty-minute transmission

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Complimentary Chat

Discover how we can best serve you

In this 30 minute conversation we open the doors to your desires and dive into what offerings we have that will best serve you. 

Even if you just want to check the guides and myself out, feel free to book a chat and open the door to a conversation based on the energy of equality and co-creation. 

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High Heart Activation


Activate your spiritual truth with love and create a life that meets all your deepest; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual longings.

Receive increased quotients of Source love and release blockages in the throat to voice your truth with love, and create your life more in the way you desire it...

In this series that includes 3 prerecorded activations and an energy vortex bespoke just for you. 


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