Are you ready to embody higher spiritual consciousness?

What would you desire to manifest or incorporate in your life going forward?

Are you a leader, healer, or change-maker seeking internal shifts to create a prosperous successful life?

Catherine and the guides offer one-on-one Channeled Transmissions, Masterclasses, and Powerful Activations.

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One Year Program

Curate a deeply fulfilling life.

 I am welcoming a handful of highly sensitive, creative, innovative change-makers, practitioners, visionaries, and leaders... 

…and showing them exactly how to embody their Divine Presence, and be grounded on the Earth creating a life that looks and feels like them. 

If you are on a visionary path and you're feeling stuck, then Divine Presence and I will show you an alternative pathway in this year long program utilizing the most overlooked resource Star Seeds and forerunners have; your Divine origins. 

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