Transmissions and Activations

One on One channeled transmissions, powerful activations


Embody your Divine Essence

Up-level your Divine Connection, access infinite knowledge, and upgrade your gifts and talents across all dimensions.  

  • Activate Internal Shifts
  • Manifest Desires
  • Curate Your Unique Vision
  • Create an Impactful Life

Next Steps

  Create your Divinely aligned transformational life here on Earth and in the Cosmos



Thoth, myself and Beings of light tune in and activate all that is aligned for you. 


Embody and actualize all that is aligned for you. 

High Heart Activation Series

Activate your Spiritual Truth with Love

Do you desire to come into greater resonance with Source love, activate your Truth, and release blockages... So that you may create your life, update your relationships, and come into greater internal balance.

Activating the high heart amplifies your natural resonance or ability to receive Divine Love.

Divine Soul Evolution Program

If you are desiring to create your legacy life now and finding it hard to step into the seat of your soul’s life then my guides and I will show you how to do this by utilizing the most overlooked resource you starseeds have, your innate connection to Source. 

Co-create with beings of light in light to deepen into your soul’s deepest desires and follow the energies to optimize all that is possible for you 

11/11/22 Portal opening to Divine Light Replay

Are you on a path of higher consciousness? 

Are you ready to embody more of your Divine Light?

Are you champing at the bit to release old energies ? 

Join me on the 11/11 Replay to receive Divine Creation energies to assist you to do just that.

Beautiful energies are available to accelerate your Soul's journey and assist you on an efficient magical path of creation, aligning your Soul’s journey to that which is most optimal. 


Divine Presence One Year Program 

Curate a deeply fulfilling life. 

Co-create with beings of light in light. Be aligned, authentic, sovereign, grounded and present. Experience dynamic stillness and access deeper states of creativity. 

Embody your Divinity; create a spiritual life that looks and feels like you without; retreating from the 3D world and, your thoughts, feelings and body sensations running the show.

I am welcoming  highly sensitive, creative, innovative change-makers, practitioners, visionaries, and leaders to embody your Divine Presence to create a life that looks and feels like you. 

Please contact Catherine if you are interested in finding out more about the current offerings for a 15-minute discovery call. 

Reach out to us any time. 

Just send us an email and we will be in touch.