Are you ready to embody higher spiritual consciousness?

What would you desire to manifest or incorporate in your life going forward?

Are you a leader, healer, or change-maker seeking internal shifts to create a prosperous successful life?

Catherine and the guides offer one-on-one Channeled Transmissions, Masterclasses, and Powerful Activations.

Break through your visibility fears; voice your authentic self and align to create your deepest desires with confidence.

Feel confidently at ease in the spotlight. Radiate your natural genius without holding back, diluting your power, compromising your integrity, or staying on the sidelines when you are meant to lead. 

This is a profound sacred rite, unveiling your True multidimensional essence; enhancing your relationship with God/dess and with yourself as love and light. So you shine your brilliant light confidently, feeling inspired and playing in your arena of expertise. 

May 2024 

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Legacy of Love
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One Year Program

Curate a deeply fulfilling life.

 I am welcoming a handful of highly sensitive, creative, innovative change-makers, practitioners, visionaries, and leaders... 

…and showing them exactly how to embody their Divine Presence, and be grounded on the Earth creating a life that looks and feels like them. 

If you are on a visionary path and you're feeling stuck, then Divine Presence and I will show you an alternative pathway in this year long program utilizing the most overlooked resource Star Seeds and forerunners have; your Divine origins. 

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