We passionately desire that you have sophisticated access to infinite knowledge so you may create your Divinely aligned transformational life here on Earth and in the Cosmos.  You have within you keys to a New Earth and we are devoted to creatively co-architect that which you deep down know you are here to be, create and enjoy. 

Within The Divine Temple’s innovative Sacred Architecture is a chamber devoted to you.  This magical chamber has frequencies, stargates, and activations to awaken codes within your DNA. So you may potently contribute at the level you desire and rock the multiverse with your harmonics.

You are an old soul on a mission, calling to embody your Divine Essence with your Divinity firmly anchored into the seat of your Soul. Let’s Sacred Architect in the Magic of Love your Heaven on Earth by; 

Up-levelling your Divine Connection

Embracing your Original Soul Contract

Jumping timelines by upgrading your gifts and talents across all dimensions. 


In this thirty-minute conversation we will open the doors to your desires and dive into what offerings we have that will best serve you; co-creating a Divine spiral to unlock your Truth and that which is most aligned for you. 

Even if you just want to check the guides and myself out; please feel free to book a chat, and open the door to a conversation based on the energy of equality and co-creation.  

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Connect with Thoth and myself to curate your One-of-a-Kind life. 


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Thoth, myself and Beings of light tune in and activate all that is aligned for you. 


Embody and actualize all that is aligned for you. 

Are you ready to embody higher spiritual Consciousness?

What markers would you desire to manifest or incorporate in your life going forward?

What states of being will you look to draw upon to engage in your next spiral of evolution?

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