High Heart Activation Series

Activate your Spiritual Truth with Love

Do you desire to create a life that meets all your deepest; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual longings?

I am gathering together a group of Love and Truth champions and showing them exactly how to be in Sovereign love. 

You will do this by activating your High Heart and more…….

Imagine being able to  

  • Be in greater resonance with Source love 
  • Receive and emanate increased quotients of Source love
  • Activate your Truth 
  • Voice your Truth with love
  • Release vibrations out of resonance with Divine Love.
  • Release Blockages in the throat that hold you back from speaking your Truth
  • Activate a unique channel of light that flows from your heart to your throat, whilst remaining in relationship with your totality.

So that you may

  • Create your life more in the way you desire it (without hooks that hold you stuck in old patterns of behavior)
  • update your relationships (taking a stand for what you believe in - without pissing people off)
  • Ask for what you desire, from others and the multiverse  ( Be heard, seen and receive - without repeating your desires over and over)
  • Come into greater internal balance (feel more loving and peaceful inside yourself - even if you are feeling frightened, angry, in grief…).

Activating the high heart brings you into closer resonance with Source love, amplifying your natural resonance or ability to receive Divine Love.

Placed between the heart and throat, the high heart amplifies and activates the channel of light and information flowing from the heart to the throat. You may speak your Truth with Love and Power.


Are you ready to stand strong in your Love and Truth and speak your life into being?  

Join me on this journey, for three 75-minute sessions in December 2022 on Fridays, Northern Hemisphere or Saturdays, Southern Hemisphere)

December; 9,16,23 at 1.00pm PST, 4.00pm EST

December: 10,17,24 at 10.00am NZT.

Including a bonus three-week nourishing energy vortex to support your journey (worth the investment on its own).

These will be recorded; so if you can't be there live you will be included in the energies, so you may listen at a time and place that suits you. 

Register today as places are limited to twelve. $77