Divine Scribe Messages

The art of Dynamic Stillness 

Attune to your Divine Soul Essence.

Souls have a unique Divine signature. Attuning  to the Soul’s signature essence ignites your innate capacity to generate a heart-inspired, deeply-fulfilling life. This life co created from a foundation of internal alignment generates true states of peace and happiness. 

The center of the universe is within as it is without. As everything exists in a state of oneness, you are always in sacred union with; all of you and with the Divine. As Dynamic stillness arises from an expanded, grounded state of being so does an expanded, grounded state of being, in wholeness, emerge through accessing stillness; so you may experience oneness.  Through dynamic stillness you have the opportunity to receive yourself, your unique Divine Soul essence or frequency.  All that you Be and create becomes a reflection of your unique essence. 

Stillness in motion; breathing; in, receptivity, creation and, out; expansion, integration, stabilization.  Dynamic stillness, the zero point, is in a state of constant motion. We often experience this dynamic stillness as deep stillness. However, as we refine our perceptions we may sense the inherent motion within this still point. A quantum is a discrete natural unit, or packet, of energy, charge, angular momentum. This packet of energy, is in movement, or it may be described as the smallest angle of motion. The quantum field is in constant dynamic motion. 

This dynamic stillness, the Zero point is multidimensionally vibrating in coherence with the Divine pulse. This Divine pulse has been called the song of God or the song of the Universe. Attuning to inner dynamic stillness, brings coherence between the Divine plan and your individual Divine Plan. 

Experience Dynamic Stillness 

We invite you to take some moments to breathe in for the count of four and out for the count of four.

Breathe in for the count of four and breathe out for the count of four. Breathe in one, two, three, four, and out one, two, three, four. Breathe in one, two, three, four, and out one, two, three, four. Breathe in one, two, three, four, and out one, two, three, four. Breathe in one, two, three, four, and out one, two, three, four. 

A  Dynamic Stillness Universal Divine Stargate is opening in the higher planes. Your unique Dynamic Stillness Divine Stargate is now opening above your crown chakra,  so you may access frequencies on the dynamic stillness ray that are optimal for you. 

Your cerebrospinal fluid flows up and down your spinal column in a rhythmic or tidal motion.  Cranial osteopathy names these tides short, medium, and long.  As the cerebrospinal fluid flows into longer tides, greater states of dynamic stillness become available. 

Frequencies through your stargate are now available to encourage your cranial rhythm into longer tides. 

As your cranial rhythm slows, notice your; internal state relaxing, mind slowing, and present moment feelings becoming more available. Notice your body sensations as your cerebrospinal fluid flows. Allow yourself to become present to yourself; present in this moment. 

As this portal is opened and  your system relaxes, you are positioned to receive more of you; including aspects of yourself that reside in other frequency dimensions. You may feel a greater sense of internal spaciousness. You may be attuning to a deeper sense of your soul essence, that which you are in many, many dimensions. You may begin to feel a greater sense of grounded expansiveness.  

States of beingness or dynamic stillness invites an increased sense of spaciousness and expansiveness. This spaciousness offers the opportunity to be at ease with that which you are experiencing. 

Being with your experience naturally allows that which is true for you to reveal itself. It is an uncomplicated unveiling of your Truth. This is the soul speaking. Feelings, thoughts and body sensations, now, become fields of information to assist you to make aligned choices. 

As this dynamic stillness becomes a new set point the tendency to respond or react from an emotional, mental or physical state diminishes. Spaciousness allows the higher mind to interpret that which the body, feelings and mind experience. so that you experience greater states of True choice. Your Soul and inner Light take the pilot seat.

Experience the Zero Point. 

Keep reading if you would like to briefly experience the Zero point

Call forth the zero point of the universe. This zero point of the universe is opening, much like a template or a portal. You do not need to leave your body as all time is now. And the zero point exists within you. Find yourself at this zero point within and without. This is the dynamic still point;  the heart of creation. Be with the original zero point of the universe, this original point of  creation. Spend as much time as you require knowing you are supported by Source and many beings of Light. 

Source supports you to embody more of you, filling you up with you and as a final gift, gives you the code of infinity to shine a light on your infinite Soul Self.  


To complete, we invite you to receive codes of joy, clarity, love, and beauty to assist you to integrate and stabilize that which you have imbibed.

Come back into your waking reality. Rub your hands together and wiggle your toes. This portal of dynamic stillness will reside over you for the next two hours to assist you to receive and integrate that which is most resonant for you. It will naturally close. You may like to set a timer for two hours to mark the completion of this. And you may wish to give thanks to all the beings of light who have been present with you through this experience. 

Authentic you: A poem from Source


Silk rose

floating in

Divine presence.  

Golden blue 

Blazoned with rising suns. 

Sword of Divine,

Emanate your Truth,




Pure Essence

River of Truth

Freed of


Reclaim your


Heart; express Joy

Loins; ignite action 

Feet; align movement

Hands; create desires

Soul Essence 

Divine Presence

Human Identity 

Spirited in Light


Be You















A singular moment

Of crystalline time

Washed in white,

Like linen on the


Blowing in Divine light.



Incoming energies


Divine Heart

Soul Heart






Blazoned in suns