Source Love Codes

Curate Your One-Of-A-Kind Life & Embody Higher Spiritual Consciousness

Come into a deeper relationship to your authentic self and access your cosmic and Divine origins.

 Imagine being able to:

  • Be deeply connected to yourself, your soul's calling (access your highest vision, bend time, complete lifetimes of fear, hiding out, silence and more)
  • Be attuned to your Divine Spark and Source.
  • Deeply connected to; others, the multiverse, and Source Love
  • Unleash your multidimensional authentic voice. (know your truth, confidence, potency, inner knowing, and impact) 
  • Feel grounded and at home in your body and on Earth
  • Be spiritually aligned in all you be and do
  • Have your gifts and talents serve you and others in the world
  • Create your life as you desire it (without feeling tired, overworked, or under-inspired) 
  • Resonate in the vibration of Love 
  • Embody higher spiritual knowledge with ease (confidence in your work, inspired creative solutions, speaking your Truth, Sovereignty in all you do and be…)
  • Be supported by good internal and external resources (impeccable self-care, being energized by the work you do, internal sense of belonging, ease, grace, and love, financially aligned flow, and ideal physical environments)

If you are on a visionary path and you're finding it hard to break through the next level of consciousness ceilings - create your life as you desire it in all the areas that matter to you, have impact, money, relationships, and 100% satisfaction without; holding back, waiting for the right time, having your work tax your system or experiencing the limitations of your personal relationships. 

Then Source Love Codes and I will show you an alternative modality utilizing the most overlooked resource creators and practitioners have; your Galactic Divine origins, tapping into your spiritual self without limiting thoughts, slower emotions, or  body sensations running the show.


So you can:

  • Cultivate a vibrant, inspired visionary life in the areas that matter to you.
  • Be grounded on the Earth while deeply connected to the multidimensions in which you reside (be fueled by embodying new light frequencies and emanating them into your life)
  • Healing lifetimes of fear, doubt, holding back, confusion, and wounding 
  • Unleash your authentic multidimensional SELF and nurture from the inside out your UNIQUE environment so you can be centered in your relationships, work, and passions knowing that what you contribute, create, and do is innately valuable without over giving and under receiving.
  • Stand out amongst the crowd attracting perfectly matched relationships, synchronicity, rapidly growing your soul mission in all areas of your life (without doing it all yourself and feeling exhausted)
  • Maintain your internal rhythms, and have time for all the things in life that sustain and stimulate you (without compromising your integrity, relationships, or mission).
    Having an awareness of your body, mind and feelings without them being your only resource) 
  • Embody gifts and contribute at the level you innately know you are capable of, feeling deeply connected to, at ease, and enjoying your work and relationships without taking a long time to integrate new ways of being.
  • Advance your evolutionary journey (without pushing through ascension ceilings and trying to figure it out)
  • Contribute to evolving a sustainable planet, leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

And much more. Being connected to your Divine and Cosmic origins gives you an access pass for life to a deeply nourishing and enjoyable-evolutionary-path, that continues to expand beyond the time frame of this program. 

What I am most excited about is, Source Love Codes stimulate your spiritual and personal evolution, speeding up your highest timeline and the impact of what you are here to do, be and access.

This is a journey to the self; embodying your Divine and unique cosmic light, whilst remaining grounded on the Earth and connected to Source Love. Completing life times of fear, doubt, frustration, anger, death and more…Integrating lifetimes on the Earth and other  star systems. 

Here is how the program will flow; 

Your Source Love Codes one on one twelve-week program, to unleash your one-of-a-kind Visionary Life, encompasses a combination of on-demand audios, live one on one and group sessions, and a potent energy vortex. 

Firstly, you will kick start your Twelve-week journey with a potent, audio transmission from Source Love Codes deeply preparing your system for the powerful journey to come.  

At midnight on day one, you will enter into a twelve-week nourishing energy vortex. This dynamic vortex is a container of bespoke energies prepared for you, to position your system to realize the highest possible outcome, and more, during this program. Your customized energy vortex is co-created in the higher planes with Source Love Codes, Thoth, and your Higher Self.

Within this Source Love Codes program, there are twelve touchstones, tablets or beings of light downloaded from Source in co-creation with Thoth, the Galactic Council, and other beings in light.  

Each touchstone is a reservoir of energy and information In this twelve-week journey, you will have lifetime access to potentized activations, via light language, toning, and sacred geometry, from these Twelve tablets. 

Light language transmits frequency and vibration in Divine wholeness creating colors, sacred geometry, and sound. 

During the first month of your journey, you will activate  twelve tablets: Beginning with Tablet One, “The Inner Sanctuary of your Heart”.  Each Tablet is activated via a 45 -60 minute audio transmission that you can listen to, during this first month, at a time and place that works for you. In either the first or third week of this month you may (see below)receive a one on one 75 minute call to set the stage for the rest of your journey. This is an opportunity to curate this program to your specific requirements.

In the second and third month; Thursday at 8.00am NZT we will meet for a ninety minute group transmission. During these live transmission, the guides will deep dive into what is most resonant for you and the group, working specifically with these potent activations that are now active in your system. 

During the fourth week of the month, your energy vortex will be augmented to assist you to integrate all that you have received. 

Your journey will continue to unfold and flow for twelve weeks with this rhythm and within this framework. You will complete your journey with a one on one 75 minute transmission in either the third or fourth week of the third month. 

These dynamic one-on-one live transmissions will be; in person, if you live in Auckland, New Zealand, or via zoom if you live outside Auckland or in another country. They will be recorded for you, so you can relisten, allowing you to access more layers over time.

As a special bonus, you will receive a newly created Source Love Codes card deck -  only available with this program, (ten cards of channeled messages that you can use to enhance the energetic transmissions and guide your transformations). 

And you receive a bonus post care month. During this month your system will be nourished by a combination of Source Love code and integration energies. You will also receive a  45 minute pre recorded  integration transmission and a potent night time source love code energetic chamber and one group call dedicated to celebrating your journey.

In Summary;

Your potent twelve-week Source Love Codes journey is calibrated with a dynamic, personalized energy vortex, Twelve on-demand, powerful forty-five-minute activations. One or Two one on one seventy five minute sessions. Six one on one ninety minute group live,  transmissions, and a bonus Source Love Codes, card deck initiating timeline jumping internal and external transformations resulting in and from accessing your Multidimensional Divine Self. Plus one month of after care. 

Is this for you?

This program works best if you are:

  • Deeply committed to your personal or spiritual journey and wish to contribute a dynamic soul-aligned vision.  
  • Are financially stable.
  • Recognize that working with higher consciousness is a dynamic path to transformation and creation. 
  • Enjoy working with what arises in the moment being that which informs the present moment. 

This program may not suit you if:

  • You are very new to the world of personal development or just beginning your journey ( unless you are getting a definite gut feeling, “yes”). 
  • Where your financial flow is not aligned with this program. 
  • You have to understand everything from your intellect alone - the program may not meet you.


What is the investment? 

The investment for this program is $3200 US

In this rapid transformational container, you will bend time, maximizing your contribution on Earth in this incarnation and beyond.  Holding you in a bespoke dynamic energy container which in itself is deeply transformational, you will deepen and broaden your bandwidth internally and externally.

Creating expansion in your inner and outer realities, you accelerate the trajectory of your life, your Mission, and relationships, easily giving you the tools, energy, and stance to pivot your life to; your highest level mission, deepest desires, and authentic relationships. 

Accessing higher dimensional realities you ground these into your Earth Star experience, by focusing on aligning your inner world and expanding into your cosmic and Divine dimensions to create your one-of-a-kind vision, career, mission hobby, relationship, financial springboard…….

At an even deeper level, your spiritual creative juices are pumped, allowing for all the good things that come from this, like laughter, joy, authenticity, inner knowing, and increased visibility.