Special Offer A - Cosmic Source Love Codes Transmission

A 60 minute one on one call; $97.00 (Value $300)

In this one on one call, receive a transmission of Source Love Codes. Where aligned also receive a channeled message to create one inner transformation to assist you to align to that which you deeply desire. 


Special Offer B - Cosmic Soul Activation

$197 A group activation call from Cosmic Source Love Codes, The Inner Sanctuary of the Heart Activation

PLUS Special Offer A (60 minute one on one call) 

This may be for you if you are feeling:

  • Stuck (feel like a deer caught in a car's lamps)

  • Frightened (of losing love or not having love, being seen, not being seen, standing out, being hurt ..)

  • Frustrated (you put in the effort .. and the results don't match up)

  • Seeking spiritual guidance (you have come a long way but have a sense that your next right step requires you to be with a fellow guide)

  • Alone (you are a light worker who has been on this path for a long time but you are a little isolated) 

  • Angry (feeling like the world is not quite as you anticipated)

  • Wanting to contribute at the level you know you are here to, but not wanting to burn out (overgive or under give). 

So you can; 

  • Be sovereign (be free without outdated ways of being and behaving taking the front seat

  • Have ownership over your life (make aligned choices)

  • Strengthen your heart love (without burning out)

  • Come into deeper resonance with your True Self (Soul Truth)

  • Know and Speak your Truth (be confident naturally)

  • Release limiting thoughts (preventing you from being autonomous)

  • Clear unprocessed emotions (blocking you from fully embracing your magnificent self)